Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cliveas just separated and potted up.

It’s marvellous to have plants in your garden that just flower year after year with almost no maintenance - one such plant is the Clivea.

Cliveas are beautiful plants with lush green straplike leaves all year round. But when they come into flower, they show off stunning displays of burnt orange to cream flowers that look absolutely magnificent.

In the garden, Cliveas are extremely easy plants to grow. They just need the right conditions.

Cliveas love shaded areas and do very well below trees and under large shrubs. They love a well drained soil, so when planting, dig in Searles® Real Compost.

One great aspect of Cliveas is that they don’t need much watering. Cliveas will actually grow very well in dry conditions, but some watering will produce their best growth and flowers. A good deep soak once a week will be sufficient for brilliant colour & growth.

To keep them a lovely deep green & really bring on spectacular flowering, fertilise regularly with Searles Flourish® Soluble Plant Food.

As cliveas grow, the slowly multiply into numerous plants. They can be easily dug up and divided and then replanted into similar areas within the garden. Cliveas truly are easy plants to grow and look magnificent when in flower.

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