Pest Oil Insect Control Spray is based on petroleum oil, it works by smothering insects. It can be used on all stages of scale insects but has the greatest impact at the 'crawler' stage.

The 'crawlers' emerge at a different time depending on the type of scale but most emerge in the December to February period. Correct scale identification and timing of the spray will improve the impact of any oil spray. Oils generally have a low impact on beneficial insects.

A big advantage of this new generation Pest Oil is the low application rate at 5ml to a litre, so the product goes a long way. Advances in oil technology mean that this oil can be used all year round without damage to plants, up to a temperature of 35°C. Pest Oil will control: red, white wax, pink wax, black, soft brown, grapevine, San Jose and oyster shell scale; two-spotted spider mite, aphids, white fly and mealy bugs.

Pest Oil is the first registered non-toxic control for citrus leafminer; it works by forming a protective film on immature leaves, which the adult leafminer moths avoid.

A Landline program on the ABC reported a trial mixing 1% oil with Bt to give excellent results against Heliothis.